Being a part of the tattoo industry, we at InkHealth® understand that every artist has a very unique set of aftercare procedures they have implemented for many years. These are our suggested uses for the products you buy from InkHealth®

InkHealth® recommends that you consult a physician for the best aftercare procedures available to you. Make sure the entire tattoo and surrounding areas are cleaned well and wiped with a anti fungal cleanser and dried thoroughly. Apply your ointment over the tattooed area only. We recommend that the bandage(s) covering the entire piece be kept on for a period of no less than 12 hours and no more than 24 hours in conjunction with a hypoallergenic ointment. Removal of the product should be done in the shower letting the hot water run over the bandage to loosen the adhesive. Remove the bandage slowly to reduce any irritation to the skin.

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