InkHealth® AfterCare Instructions:

Bandage Application:

Clean the surface of the tattoo and surrounding areas with a standard cleanser or for optimal results use InkHealth® Sope, allow to dry. Apply a liberal amount of InkHealth® Emolliente over the tattooed area only. Peel the backing of your appropriately sized InkHealth® Bandage and place it over the tattoo (it is OK if small portions of the tattoo show in the clear part of the bandage, as long as ointment has been applied). Smooth out the entire bandage on the edges to created a nice seal. Peel the top protective layer from the bandage, being careful to insure the seal to the skin is still tight.
At this point there a some options based on the art.

For heavily saturated pieces:

We recommend changing the bandage out every 24 hours for a period of 3 days and the last bandage can be kept on for up to 2 days (5 Days Total). Remove the bandage carefully, as adhesive can cling tightly (DO NOT TEAR OFF BANDAGE) We suggest running the bandage under warm water during a shower to loosen adhesive. You can also use an adhesive remover pad for bandage removal. Baby oil and Olive oil are also good for the removal of the bandage. Rub oil around edges of the bandage and work underneath edges with fingers. Continue oiling and working bandage free, taking care around sensitive skin areas.

Wash the tattoo open handed using InkHealth® Sope until it no longer feels slimy. Rinse, pat dry with clean towel and let air dry for 15 minutes. Reapply InkHealth® Emolliente to the tattooed area and re-bandage following the instructions above.

For smaller and/or less worked pieces:

We recommend keeping the first Bandage on for no more than 4 days. Correct adhesion around all edges will maintain a waterproof seal. If you find your bandage has allowed water to penetrate around the side, change it out with a fresh Bandage. On the fourth day use an adhesive remover pad. Baby Oil and Olive oil are also great adhesive removers. Rub oil around edges of the bandage and work underneath edges with fingers. Continue oiling and working bandage free taking care around sensitive skin areas.

  • Continue using InkHealth® Emolliente to promote healthy skin and a vibrant tattoo. There is no limit to the use of the Emolliente.
  • InkHealth® Bandages can be overlapped in any way to cover different shapes and body parts. Keep overlapping minimal so that oxygen can still flow through the majority of the bandaged area.
  • You will find that healing times will be cut dramatically and you are almost guaranteed to have little to no issue resulting from bad heals.

If at any time you find that you are having a reaction to the adhesive, discontinue use immediately. InkHealth® Bandages are latex and silicone free and all adhesives are hypo-allergenic. We have found there to be very few instances of adverse reactions.

We have provided here a downloadable PDF that you may edit to your own specifications and products. Use this template and replace InkHealth related ointments and soaps with your current brands to provide to your clientele.

Download PDF